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Soldiers order Wizkid to frog jump in Lagos – See what happened! (Look)

Wizkid to frog jump – Its a recent trend for fashion lovers and celebrities to take risks while trying to be fashionable and wearing of Army camouflage uniforms hasn’t been left out of the fashion risk taking.


Wizkid-and-Girlfriend-Tani 411vibes Soldiers order Wizkid to frog jump in Lagos

As a matter of fact,80% of Nigerian male artists have at one time or the other been seen wearing Camo in their videos or in public.

Like they say,everyday for the thief one day for the owner. This is the case as Wizkid,one of Nigeria’s foremost artist,was publicly embarrassed in the street of Surulere by men of the Nigerian Army.

Its popular known that Wizkid fancies hanging out in Shitta his childhood street in surulere and he has as a matter of fact,contributed to the popularity of this street but his fame in the street,couldn’t stop soldiers from stripping wizkid of his Camo short and telling him to do frogjump as he disappears.

According to onlookers,Wizkid was stopped and questioned,of which he initially tried talking his way through but after one of the soldiers stamped his palm ferociously on wizkid’s face,it became a situation of weeping&pleading,Meanwhile,Wizkid’s entourage had run for their lives,knowing of the recent violence caused by Soldiers in the city of Lagos.

“The soldiers tell Wizkid make him comot the camo and tell am make him do frogjump run comot” said an onlooker.



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  1. Paddy says

    Davido be laughing after seeing this =))

  2. steph says

    That is just very rude. That is actually a violation of wizkid rights. It isn't funny at all. I thought soilders are meant to protect us not violate our rights. Don't know where it is written in the constitution that wearing camfoulage is prohibited.

    1. Lee says

      Guy try wearing one,and u'll know where they wrote it.Wizkid is not he has no right wearing anything Camo.

      1. Boss says

        Guyyy, you are just a violated citizen of this dumb Africans , camouflage originated out of fashion , it’s not a military wear , go read properly !

  3. clara says

    In a civilised country soldiers are ment only 2 come outside when der a serious war or maybe other country trying 2 invade in anoder country which d soldiers comes out 2 fight 4 d protection of der country and dey only do dat wen it beyond d country control but in our country nigeria dey are like d police even fighting wat dey where supposed 2 protect. Na only God can save dis country

  4. cheziben says

    We have many chrisis going on in nigeria still nigerian army can’t do anything on their on since they can insult our super star is true I hate wizkid but I sean paul american artist always dress like a soldier, fele call them zombi ,yes its true they are sometimes like moron, if I have gotten an link to voice I would spit death out of my mouth . (2rugged) now (cheziben) arow fine boy on bord the ship , so die all you MP and parembus. May odin strick you for castin us. Because we re not a thifes . Odin in vahala aye o… To all vikings.

    1. Sly says

      Of all the comments on this page, urs happens to b d most stupid.. Let me start wit ur use of English… I guess "Odin" didn't teach u [email protected] Fele???.. If ur spelling for fela was a mistake, how abt "an link".., " we re nt a thifes"..????? Like seriously… U r very useless.. Wear Camouflage comot make them catch u make I see d fire wey u wan spit… As u b Godzilla na…. Fool!!.. Am sure Odin wuld b very disappointed…

      1. Zee says

        Haaaaaa.. take it easy @Sly.

    2. lee says

      U r a vry big fool….english u no fit speak,u de go join cult……and fr all de cults whr de,u choose to go join Aro.well I no blame u @all.dats de cult 4 touts dats y ur der.if u no repent……u go soon die.idiot foolish fool.Odin kill u right.

  5. cheku says

    If wizkid wants to wear camo, let's him join the Nigeria army. Camo is meant for the military forces only not a bloody civilians like him. He get what he deserve. I remember when they issue warnning to them (celebrities) all to stop putting on coma. Well as for wizkid sorry for that but learn ur lesson don't mess with the authorities.

  6. Kalto says

    Nawa oh, na FNN news be this jare.. Swerve!

  7. Maria says

    sly wetin happen nau you know dis guy before?no mind am he just watch vikings…
    i for hapi 2 c d video ooooooo

  8. williams says

    Sometime last year news has it that the Nigerian Army warned the Nigerian artists against wearing camo but Wizkid said that he cannot stop wearing camo that Nigerian Army cannot do anything. I think this is just a sign that the Nigerian Army can do something. Everybody want to go to Heaven but nobody want to die: if u no u so much love wearing Camo why not disown ur life and sacrifice it for the interest of the Country by joining the Army.

  9. Temmy says

    These bloggers are not meant to be believed at all times. Anybody could a written up what is written about wizkid here since there’s nno photograph(s) to back the truth of this story.
    I don’t believe this at all. Bring on another one man.

  10. Taco says

    That is so stupid of nigeria soldiers, they should go back to the bush where the belong , stupid murtherfuckers , I flex my camo over here where people know there right . Sorry wizy we still love you

  11. topad says

    you dumb should see wizkid wearing camo and as well got an escout from soldiers in his “thank you video”

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