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Why women should cheat in a relationship.. (Must See)

Ok, so I saw this article – Why women should cheat, on a blog and thought to share it for you guys to see :D….. Is yhis right? not morally but sense wise?.. Be the judge…


Why women should cheat 411vibes

1.To Make Him Feel Insecure

To make him feel insecure and realise that she is actually worth it in life. There are women who cheat on their men, just for the latter to get pinched and wake up to realisation.

2.To Make Him Change

If nothing helps to make him change, there is only one way out and that is cheating. When you cheat on your man after he is unwilling to change, you will see how he turns out. It will be shocking.

3.To Make Him Value Your Presence

One of the main reasons why women should cheat in a relationship is to make him value your presence. Most women in relationships like these where the man ignores her, makes the woman feel worthless, so if cheating helps to get his attention, so be it.

4.To Have Some Fun

Just to have some fun, but make sure it is clean and not something that would rip his heart out. If your boyfriend is insecure, over protective and telling him doesnt help then lay your hair down and get involved in some clean cheating.

5.To Stay Equal

If you are a victim of cheating and feel saddened by it, go ahead and do the same thing to stay on the same page as your partner. This is another reason why women should cheat in relationships, just to stay equal.

6.To Improve Your Relationship

You may not agree, but a certain amount of cheating does help to make the relationship grow stronger. Getting your man’s attention and making him insecure by cheating will only draw him closer to you, for the fear of losing you.


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