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So Kate Henshaw is goining into politics in Nigeria?? LOL!! Is this who you wanna vote? (Must See)

I was just checking the web cos of how bored I was and I stumbled upon so many vids of Kate Henshaw, the good thing is, they weren’t movies, but were reality shows…. And from the look of things, if I were in Nigeria and had a say, I certainly won’t vote for her considering the rude-like nature she portrayed! Yh.. you heard me, RUDE!!..



Seeing a couple of videos from 2013 to 2014, from Nigeria’s Got Talent, it’s fair to say, she is totally not people friendly, and do Nigerians need such leaders at the moment? my best bet for an answer to this question, is NO!.. Anyway, she is running under the arms of PDP for house of rep in her constituency.. All kate does is criticise and embarrass contestants… See vids below…

PS: I love her, love her as an actress but as a politician, who wants to rule my great nation Nigeria… I doubt if she’s got tolerance and from what I see, she is certainly not people-friendly.. Maybe her mentor is Simon Cowell :D.

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  1. Zainab says

    She seriously got on my feaking last nerves during the show. So disgusted by her attitude. I wont vote for her even if I were given millions.

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