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9 cute couple poses for pictures that you and your man should definitely try

What pictures do you have of you and your boyfriend together? Well, some people are so busy having fun that they forget to take any at all. Not only does that means you’ve got no pictures of him to show your friends, but you’ll have none to look back on in later years either. So, get your camera or your phone out and start clicking and here are 9 photos of you and your boyfriend that you should definitely have:



1. The silly photo

You don’t want every photo you have to be a serious and posed one. Everyone should have a few silly photos of each other, and together, just goofing around.

2. The sweet kiss photo

Get of a snap of the two of you kissing and that will always remind of your love for one another. These look great taken outdoors, in a park or in the country and, make a sweet kiss, not a full on kiss that you won’t want to show your parents!

3. A picture from behind

Not all photos have to show your faces. Try getting a picture of the pair of you, taken from behind, walking hand in hand down a path, or sitting on a park bench together. These types of pictures can look really romantic.

4. On a beach

Take a camera with you when you go to the beach because there are loads of photo opportunities there. Ask someone to take a picture of you running into the water together, or get more artistic and wait for the sunset for a truly romantic setting.

5. Just the hands

Remember too, that photos don’t need to show your whole face or your body. You could even take one of just your hands, with your fingers interlinked. In time to come, you will remember exactly where the picture was taken and what that moment meant to you.

6. Showing off his strength

A picture of him carrying you in his arms, or lifting you off the ground always makes for beautiful memories. He gets to show off his manly strength and you get to show how much you trust him.

7. A hot picture of him

You’ve got to get at least one picture of him at his sexy best, perhaps with his shirt off, or working hard outdoors. You know, one that you can show him off to your friends with.

8. Dancing together

Get some pictures taken of the two of you dancing together. Let him spin you around a bit, or take one of a more slow and romantic dance. Either way, it’s a great way to show together as a team.

9. The head to head shot

Foreheads together, looking into each other’s eyes, or lying on the ground, in opposite directions with your heads turned toward each other. It does look a little bit posed, but it also makes a great picture! And great pictures equal great memories!

What are your favorite cute couple poses for pictures?

Stay happy!

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