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Men, 3 easy steps to get her heart melting Again and Again! (Must See)

“Will you forgive me?” Four little words that mean so much and can melt your heart. But men, you need to know how and when to use them. My partner and I usually get on really well and things are generally smooth for us. Are we lucky? Yes. Do we work at this? Yes. Do things sometimes go wrong? YES!



Recently, my partner and I had an argument.

How HE Got It Wrong (In My Eyes)

People get busy, work gets in the way and then there’s this thing called – LIFE. Recently my partner and I decided that life was getting in the way, so we took a drive to some nearby mountains for the day. I suggested we go to a cozy restaurant and have lunch in intimate surroundings.

But when my man asked “Anywhere else?” I got the hint that this was not where he wanted to go. So I mentioned a few other places… He still didn’t seem impressed.

On the way, we stopped to make a booking at a hotel for later that year, and my partner decided to ask the lady behind the desk where to go. She suggested a few places that we hadn’t heard of. As we drove off, I noticed that someone was selling flowers for $5 by the side of the road. My partner didn’t.

We drove past a couple of the suggested places, but they looked old and tired. A bit like I felt.

Finally we stopped at one. It didn’t impress me, but my partner was in a desperate need of coffee and food, so we went in. There was nothing on the menu that appealed, and I was feeling tired and grumpy by this stage. This old cafe with meat pies and hot dogs had no romantic appeal and insects were weaving their way in and out of the food trays.

How He Fixed It, Oh so Easily!!

My partner ordered, and I did the ‘woman thing’ (as he calls it), and sat in stony silence. Finally he said, “I’m sorry I didn’t choose the right lunch venue.”

My icy stare was all I gave him. (I was still in the ‘woman thing’ mood).

Then he took my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, “How can I fix this?”

No silence, no moods like I was displaying just pure patience and a desire to put things right. He kept giving me a long, sincere look and repeated the question.

So I began with what he had done wrong. As he likes to put it, I was doing the ‘woman blame thing’ now. He hadn’t found anywhere romantic, he hadn’t thought to listen to my suggestion, and he hadn’t noticed that he could have bought some flowers by the roadside for me. The list went on.

The poor man stayed patient, nodded his agreement and kept holding my hand. When I finished venting, he just looked at me and said, “I’m so very sorry. Will you forgive me?”

Should I Forgive Him?

He melted my heart. He had let me vent, he had shown patience and understanding, and he had not only apologized, but sincerely asked for my forgiveness. I had nothing left but to say “yes.”

This man was not cheezy, not begging, nor was he playing games. As he told me later on, he just wanted to make things right for us (not just me), and was willing to stay calm and patient until he did.

So to all you men out there who have to deal with ladies who exhibit the ‘woman thing’ from time to time, my advice is this:

1. Stay patient

2. Stay calm

3. Say sorry and ask the four magic words with sincerity, “Will you forgive me?”

-Anna Bella

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