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Female student caught with popular politician in hotel room (+Photos)

The rate at which young girls are running after married men all because of money these days is really sad. Funny enough, this same ladies will be crying one-man/one-wife when they manage to see a man who wants to marry them. So, you can do another woman’s husband, but you want yours to yourself? Lol!


Unfortunately for this female student, her mother has been on her track and monitoring her illicit affairs with men. So, on this day, after she left home to “service” Hon. Beno, her mother and some boys trailed her and as soon as she went on bed with the man they busted the door to the hotel room. married man cheating theinfong.com__ married man caught theinfong

The mother said she has been reading her daughter’s sms until she saw her disappearing in a local guest house with a politician, Mr Beno. The girl’s mum say they are not poor. So, what is her problem?

In the words of the mother: “I began to be concerned with the conduct of my daughter after noticing some suspicion looks. She doesnt return back from school early enough, she doesnt do her homework and when she sleep, it takes the whole day, I even have to force her to wake up for school.”

She continued in her angry tone: “It is this type of person that are destroying people’s children while they are reading well and and studying at school. This man has just defiled my daughter and her beautiful goals in the future.”

The shameless girl couldn’t give any reason why she agrees to be doing it with her father’s mate. How sad!

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