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See the total amount of Nigerians living in different countries in the world..

Nigerians come from multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds as the creation of Nigeria was the result of a colonial creation by the British Empire that did not correlate with ethnic and religious boundaries.


See the total amount of Nigerians living in different countries in the

There have been several major historical states in Nigeria that have influenced Nigerian society via their strong kings and their advanced legal and taxation systems, and the use of religion to legitimize the power of the king and to unite the people..

Below is Wiki’s stats of the total amount of Nigerians all in significant regions round the world:

Regions with significant populations
 Nigeria 177,155,754
 Benin over 6,000,000
 United Kingdom 3,000,000
 Cameroon 2,800,000
 United States 2,500,000
 Ghana est. 2,000,000 to 3,000,000
 Togo est. 200,000
 Ivory Coast est. 75,000
 Italy 53,613
 Spain 44,870
 Germany est. 40,000
 South Africa 24,000
 Canada 19,520
 Ireland 16,300
 China est. 15,000
 India est. 10,000
 Netherlands 9,453
 Austria 7,025
 Japan 5,018
 Russia 5,000
 Australia 4,519
 Greece 3,000
 Morocco 2,500
 Norway 1,780
 Belgium 1,636
 Poland 1,500
 France 1,425

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