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14 ways to show your love – Do this and your lover will love you forever!

Ways to show your love – He may not feel your love until you really make an effort to put your love into action. For most people, actions speak louder than words, so prove yourself. If you feel some distance between you and your loved one, saying the three magic words won’t cut it, and nothing can bring you closer than showing your love.


14 ways to show your love - Do this and your lover will love you forever!

Here are some ways to back up your words with actions. Words are powerful, but people will only buy them if they are backed up with

substance. If you say you’re a great partner, you must also be one. So what makes a great partner anyway?

Let’s look at some habits you can break that don’t help this problem, and some new ones you can make to put your words into action. After all, actions speak louder than words.

1. Bring positive energy to every day

Perhaps the most challenging thing in our relationship is to realize how much our fluctuating attitudes affect the other person. If you are negative, they are not going to feel your love, even if the negativity is not directed at them.
If you love them, you will protect the energy you bring to each day so, like a painter, you brush up against them with smiles and smudge positivity into their day. Everyone loves to be around someone that boosts the mood, it’s contagious, right?
One of the best ways to show him you love him is by being a beacon of positivity. If you make it a point to wake up every day with a smile, and choose positive words at all times, he will really enjoy your energy.
What does it mean to say I love you anyway? It kind of means I enjoy your energy right? Guard your words and avoid speaking negatively about other people. Focus on the positive traits of people and of yourself. If you really want to make someone’s life better because you love them, radiate love.

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