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5 types of wives that are professional cheaters – Guys, you need to see this!

Types of wives that are professional cheaters – A bit further than men and cheating, I also know that there seems to be a general consensus that married women rarely cheat especially in this part of the world, because they respect the institution of marriage more than men and most would not risk their marriages just because of some lousy illicit affair.


But when women cheat, there must be a reason; which is why if a man found out his wife has cheated on him, the first question in his mind would most likely be “Why did she do it?” unlike a woman that would simply say “Men are born to cheat…” like she is expecting it somehow.

5 types of wives that are professional cheaters - Guys, you need to see this!

The reason(s) why women cheat differs from woman to another. Some do it for love, some just for sex, some need a boost in their self-esteem and some are just wired to be unfaithful. But I believe that the reason behind the cheating is not as important as cheating itself; because for me, when you cheat on your married partner, there is no reason enough to justify the action. But since life is still about causes and effects, any wife who finds herself in any of these categories will most likely cheat often than not.

  • The Emotionally Starved Wife:

A couple of years ago, I met a woman, the one you could describe as a ‘Christian wife’ who was looking and willing to cheat on her husband with me. I declined because it was against my personal principle, but I tried to find out why she would want to do that while still in the marriage. She explained that she and her husband had no child, but they were both working hard to have every good thing money can buy and live a prestigious lifestyle that would make them happy. They eventually did but at some point, the man completely neglected her, the romance and emotional attachment to their marriage was gone and the attachment was now solely on the things they had acquired over the years and trying to sustain. Then the wife became lonely and needing attention, even as they were still looking for a child and believing God for a miracle. She complained that she’d consider herself lucky if they had sex once in 2 months as the man was always out of the country making more money and probably cheating on her. I tried to advise her, but don’t ask me what my advice was, because I won’t tell. So, the thing here is, when a woman feels lonely and she no longer feels emotional attachment to her husband, she might just go looking for it elsewhere.

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