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7 drinks you need to stop drinking now before they kill you!

#6 Milkshakes


Milkshakes are liquid desserts, so you should be as wary of them as you would be of a slab of cheesecake or a slice of chocolate fudge cake.Often marketed as being somewhat healthy due to their high calcium content, milkshakes contain so much fat and sugar that it is sensible to try and get your recommended daily intake of calcium elsewhere.

One large milkshake from a standard diner or fast-food restaurant will contain between 500 and 700 calories and huge amounts of saturated fat.

The PB&C Shake made by Cold Stone Creamery is even worse than the average milkshake, providing you with an outrageous 2,010 calories and 131g of fat (68g of which are saturated fat).

With 153g of sugar thrown into the mix, this milkshake comes with a guarantee of weight gain and has very little nutritional value.

However, you can make a healthier milkshake at home if you want to treat yourself now and again. Using fat free milk, reduced fat ice cream and a portion of fresh strawberries, you’ll be able to create a drink that tastes delightful but is not nearly as bad for you as the milkshakes that you can order in a restaurant.



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