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5 Major causes of low sperm count – Guys, you need to know this!

Retrograde ejaculation
In some cases, a man with a low sperm count may suffer from something known asretrograde ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen doesn’t follow the usual course and eject out of the urethra, “Imagine when water in a tap cant flow in the direction of the pipe carry the water” but instead, enters the bladder during orgasm. Retrograde ejaculation may be a symptom of a much more serious problem, such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or may be the result of a spinal injury or surgery on the bladder, prostrate or urethra. In some cases, retrograde ejaculation may even be a side effect of certain medications. So visit your Doctor to be very sure of the exact disease causing retrograde ejaculation.



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