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Full list of sexually active countries in the world – This list will shock many!

Full list of sexually active countries in the world – For a country that boasts a high population growth rate and is expected to hit 300 million by the second half of this century, Nigeria, curiously, has been rated second on the list of least-sexually active countries in the world, second only to Japan.



Latest data released by has shown that only 15 per cent of Japanese are happy with their sex lives – perhaps unsurprising, given how little of it they’re having. Another shocking statistics shows that around 45 per cent of women in Japan report that they are uninterested in – or despise – sexual contact.

In the case of Nigeria the survey states: “…what’s interesting about Nigeria is that not only are they having sex about as frequently as those in the United States, but their satisfaction rate is at 67 per cent.”
Comments on other countries were as follows:

· America: “…this is an interesting number, given how sexualised the media is in the States. In an age where the internet is very influential and porn is generally seen to be rampant in the States, it’s perhaps surprising that only 53 per cent of Americans are having sex weekly.”

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