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Dear men, How to know your girlfriend is a lesbian – This will help you!

How to know your girlfriend is a lesbian – In a previous post, I provided women with three signs that they’re in a relationship with a man who is on the “down low,” i.e. a man who is interested in romantic relationships with other men. In this post, I will help men identify three signs that they’re in a relationship with a closeted lesbian.


Contrary to popular belief, men are oftentimes heartbroken to learn that their girlfriend or wife is interested in dating women. The media likes to portray men as admirers of lesbian and bisëxual romance; however, when the man is completely left out of the picture, it’s not so attractive anymore. In fact, the men almost feel embarrassed by the fact that they didn’t notice  and/or outright ignored the signs — at least, this is what a handful of men revealed to me when I asked them about their experience with dating a closeted lesbian.

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Of course, there is no definitive way to know whether or not your that your girlfriend/wife is a lesbian, unless you catch her in the act and/or she tells you, but here are three possible signs:

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