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How to make out with a girl and make her love it – You need to see this!

Warming up for the kiss

Slide a bit closer to her. Don’t do it discreetly. Girls are good at reading signs, and by doing it discreetly, it can appear a bit creepy or even too desperate. Make it obvious. Slide up closer or shift your butt until you’re only a few inches away from her. Don’t stop your talking or listening, and don’t stop the occasional touching.

Wait for a couple of minutes, and without any hesitation at all, go close to her and kiss her cheek softly. Linger for a second and sit back calmly. Now most experts say you should go close to her and wait for the kiss, but the Super Fella doesn’t like leaving things to chance, so screw that waiting game. 

If things have been going well, she’s probably going to break into a big grin. And if it hasn’t gone too well, just look awkward, apologize and say “I’m really sorry, I just couldn’t help myself…”

You just kissed her cheek. No girl’s going to take offence for that anyways. But if you’ve got the earlier moves right, trust me, she’d love that soft kiss on the cheek.

If you want to know how to make out with a girl and get lucky, you need to play it safe and not take too many chances unless she leads the play.



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