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Ladies: 10 types and shapes of pen1ses and how they can satisfy you

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This type of penis is shaped like the letter C bending to the right when erect. Usually some men develop this kind of shape due to a disease known as Peyronie’s disease. Others get it from accidents, while with some men it’s because of how they hide their boner in their pants, bending it to the right. If you recollect above, I stated the penis does not have a bone in it and so the direction you give to it is the angle it will grow to.

C shaped penises are not all that satisfying but when it comes to the spooning position, you will love it. Just in case you don’t know what the spooning position is, it’s when the man penetrates from behind while they both lie side ways on the bed. The saddle position is also good for the C shaped penis. In the saddle position, the man sits on a chair or sofa, while the woman sits on it side ways.

Some women might find it weird but what you need to know is that, when the penis enters the vagina, usually because there’s no bones in it, the vagina is able to correct some of these shapes, thereby straightening it.



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