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Ladies: 10 types and shapes of pen1ses and how they can satisfy you



This type of penis is the type that appears to be very straight but needs a closer look to ascertain it’s straightness but at a distance they appear very straight and slim. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate the head from the shaft, it all appears to be on the same level.

Usually they are long and penetration from this kind of penis can hit the cervix directly causing pain for some women, just like poking someone’s eye with a pencil.

If you’re a woman with a wide opening, it’s advisable to avoid this kind of penis because it can hardly give you that kind of satisfaction but the position to go for with this type is the woman on top. This gives you the opportunity to control distance it can travel but if you are carried away by the excitement and end up poking places it’s not suppose to, that will be your own headache.

Doggy style is a no! no! for this type but spooning is okay with it.



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