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Signs to know if you are in love or lust – All you need to know!

Compromising in love

Do you compromise with your needs and wants now and then, if you know that doing something else would make your partner feel happy? Taking an initiative to compromise for each other is one of the biggest signs of true love.

But if you’re more interested in what you can get out of the relationship or how often you can make out with each other, and don’t really like compromising and giving up on your happiness just so your partner can be happy, it’s obviously not love but lust that’s holding the relationship together. 

Making introductions to your friends

Do you like spending time with your lover, but feel embarrassed or awkward to introduce your partner to your friends? If you subconsciously feel awkward to be with your lover in public, it’s natural that the only reason you’re still together with them is because of the great sex. If you genuinely love your partner, you’d be excited to introduce your sweetheart to all your friends because you’d see your partner as an important part of your life.



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