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Signs to know if you are in love or lust – All you need to know!

How involved are both of you?

Do you think about making out or having sex every time you think of your new lover? It’s great that you’re going out with someone you’re so physically attracted to, but if you truly love your partner, you’d also respect them and would want to hear about their opinion on your life and the issues in it. If you think of your partner only when you’re feeling lonely or horny, there’s a good chance that you don’t really love your new sweetheart, and only lust about them.

Thinking about the long term

When you’re truly in love with someone, you can’t help but think about the future with them. This is the biggest sign in finding out whether it’s love or lust on your mind.

Can you see your new lover in your life a few years down the lane or is that something you just can’t picture? Most of the time, we find someone we like and the sex is great and dandy, and we assume we’re in love. But yet, if you give it a serious thought, you’d know you’re never really going to be happy with them in the years to come. If you can’t see your lover as an important part of your future, it’s a sure sign that it’s just lust working its charm on you.

So what’s your story? Is it love or lust that’s keeping your relationship alive? Remember, lusting about a partner is great for the relationship. But if it’s only lust in the air and not love that’s keeping both of you together, it’s going to be a pretty big missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of love and that just can’t be overlooked.

It’s never too late to change your future if both of you really want to. Once you know where you stand with these pointers on is it love or lust, make a decision for the better and make a difference in both your lives.


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