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The top 10 lies men tell to deceive women – Ladies, get in here!

Top 10 lies men tell to deceive women – While lies come in all sizes and shades, here are the more common fibs that the male of the species is more inclined to dish out— sometimes to get out of a fix, oftentimes to keep his partner happy, and at other times because it’s ever so convenient and hassle-free! Do, please, add your own to this list, and let’s have fun making this list as long as his nose is likely to grow if and when caught!



1. “I wasn’t checking her out.’ They will deny till they turn blue in the face that they were checking out another woman while you were very much in the vicinity. They’ll protest how until you accused them, they didn’t even register the presence of the sexy, curvaceous woman in the mall, or airport, or wherever it is such women frequent.

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