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The 20 types of vag1na you will meet in your lifetime & how to handle them..


Must I still describe this type of Vagina? Anyway, just get yourself a rose flower and you will get a vivid description of this type of vagina.

There are only two lips on the vagina, the majora and the minora, but this is the only vagina that appears to have multiples of them. I sometimes refer to it as the vagina with petals.

Gentlemen, don’t be scared when you meet one, they are very embracing and comfortable, giving you maximum satisfaction. Just like a rose flower, handle them with care before the petals starts falling off, who knows, anything can happen.


Don’t start freaking out yet, but take note this is the type of vagina that seems like a swimming pool, it’s Biiiiiigggggg!!! Just like Music Music.

You don’t need to even spread them cheeks to get in, the way is already opened, all you need to do is stick it in. The entrance seems to be always opened. You can peep through and see all the way to the womb. It’s the kind of vagina you see and it’s like it shouted, “Ooohhh!!!” and it got stuck. If you want to understand me, just stand in front of a mirror and shout, “Ooooohhhh!!!” and hold your mouth right there…that’s it.

It’s common among porn stars but not far from ‘chrife’ girls too.

How to handle it? You can’t, just try your best to survive…halleluyah!!!



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