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10 misconceptions about female body – You need to see this! (+Photos)

Misconceptions about female body – Misconceptions about female body dates back as long as one can remember. The curious thing is, some of those absurd myths and misconceptions have managed to seep through history and hovers over our heads even today.


Let’s take a quick look into 10 misconceptions about female body:

10 Misconceptions About Female Body That Dates Back In History:

10. Regarding Menstruation

Blonde menstrual pain
Historically, menstruation is subjected to debate for either being a sign of great good or of purely evil. Among the several myths related to periods, one common misconception was/is that periods are bad blood, contaminated blood. Based on this notion, women were/are kept away from cooking, religious rituals and other normal everyday works with view of preventing the rotten blood from contaminating everything. Impregnation during the cycle was out of question for it was believed that the child would be born deformed due to the ill effect of the bad blood. Contrary to this, menstruation was also viewed as a nourishing element by the prominent Greek physician named Galen, who said following the child’s birth, period blood was converted into breast milk to feed the child.

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