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10 most expensive pets in history of the world (With Pictures)

Most expensive pets in history: We all love to have adorable pets, which share their love with us and even give their shoulder, or back, to cry on. Having a pet is quite an enjoyable experience gives you a feeling of joy and attachment; the best thing about having a pet is that you will never feel alone as it will always keep you company.


The most widely chosen pets are dogs, cats and birds of different types, while these are some of the usual choices, there are many of us who prefer having diverse kinds of pets. With diverse choices come different prices too, we fully agree with you that a pet does not need to be treated as per its cost but still some animals are worth mentioning for their unusually high demand and price. We have compiled a list of top ten animals noted for their cost.

10. Hyacinth Macaw

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Hyacinth Macaw is the world’s largest parrot as well as the biggest one of the macaw specie, these parrots have immensely forceful beak, which they use to eat hard seeds and fruits. An average price for this South American prime bird is $14,000 and is the tallest of all the parrot species.



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