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10 sure signs he will be great in bed

Signs he will be great in bed: One of the questions most people ask dating/relationship experts and ask themselves is, “How do we know if we are good in bed?”There really is no test you can take. If there are quizzes in magazines, how many people are really honest when taking them? 


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It is also true that we spend our time before hooking up, calculating everything he/she does to decide wether they will be good in bed. From the way they walk and talk, to the way they speak to us, every moment is a deciding factor in reassuring us that they will be great in the sack.

So thinking about this question, how would anyone really know if their partner is good or not? And really, how can anyone not be good at something that we all were “made” to do in order to recreate? Here are ten signs that he will be great in bed or the reasons why he is satisfying you to no end.

10.  He Or She Doesn’t Brag

If a guy goes around bragging about past flings, chances are this person isn’t really great in bed. It’s those who constantly brag about how awesome they are between the sheets, that really are bad in bed.  It’s a fact, all women are different and all want different things in bed. Guys don’t automatically know what each individual person wants. You have to communicate to them to do what you actually like, rather than what their last girlfriend partner.  As noted in Men’s Health magazine, the men who brag are the ones who need validation that they are indeed “good in bed.”



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