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Top 25 Most exclusive secret societies in the world + Their devilish signs (Photos & Video)

4. Thule Society

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Initially named “The Study Group for Germanic Antiquity,” the Thule Society is a secret organization formed in Munich, Germany principally created to return power to Germany after its defeat in the First World War and the fall of the Treaty of Versailles. Its name was derived from a fictitious northern country from Greek mythology, Thule. Since 1917, people who seek to become members of this secret society have been obliged to undergo a “blood declaration of faith” before being admitted.

3. The Sons of Liberty


The Sons of Liberty was a group consisting of American patriots that originated in the pre-independence North American British colonies. The group was formed to protect the rights of the colonists and to take to the streets against the taxes by the British government. They are best known for undertaking the Boston Tea Party in 1773, which led to the Intolerable Acts (an intense crackdown by the British government), and a counter-mobilization by the Patriots.



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