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10 female celebs who basically got famous for being pretty (With Pictures)


Celebs who basically got famous for being pretty – Fame is a very delicate thing. Some people aspire their whole lives to gain stardom. They try it all: acting, writing, music; yet, no matter how much work they put into it, their star just doesn’t rise.


Such is life.

But there is another extreme in Hollywood that seems to counteract the preceding thought. While some may struggle their whole lives and die having never tasted success, some just seemingly have to be pretty and fame just falls into their laps. The reason females are accentuated in the title is because this type of fame very rarely falls into the hands of anyone other than females.

Name one male celebrity who has never acted, never sung or done anything, and yet he is famous. You can’t. He doesn’t exist. But when it comes to women in Hollywood, this type of stuff happens all the time. You really just need to look the part. You have to be incredibly good looking and make yourself accessible.

Really, that is it. While a sex tape will help with this, we cannot recommend that to you in good conscience. For your consideration, here are 10 female celebrities who basically got famous for being pretty and nothing else.

10. Tila Tequila


No one is sure how this MySpace maven landed a VH1 show that basically accentuated how much of a lost soul this girl really is. Rising to fame for God knows what, Tila Tequila ended up on a show that featured her getting into hot tubs with various guys and girls and fooling around with them.

Funny thing is, she had a pretty fast downward spiral that was done publicly, blowing a lot of people’s minds in the process. She claimed the Illuminati were trying to kill her. Indeed, when the term downward spiral is used, it’s not used lightly.

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