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10 most severe terrorist attacks in history of the world – #2 will leave you in a big shock! (With Pictures)

1. ISIS Attacks

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ISIS Attacks
The extremist Islamist rebel group, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, formed from the Sunni Islamic group called Islamic State of Iraq that operated till 2013 in Iraq, killing many thousands in bombing attacks, controls Iraqi and Syrian territory, and other areas. Judged as unrepresentative of Islam by Islamic and non-Islamic communities, ISIS commit heinous war crimes, sex slavery of kidnapped women and children, ethnic cleansing, brutal murders and several other human rights abuses in more than 200 attacks, killing hundreds to thousands of inmates, civilians and soldiers in each of the attacks. Counter attacks have killed ISIS militants, since.

All around the world, there have been hundreds and thousands of other terrorist attacks in the world since 9/11. In the name or religion and God, the groups manipulate people into causing harm to people all around the world, to claim religious, political and military authority over people all over the world, killing and torturing people indiscriminately. As the memories of these terrorist attacks in the world since 9/11, the bereavements caused by them and the potential for many more such attacks in future return to haunt people, they have been united by empathy, terror and the common goal of fighting terrorism, to drop their apathy and take notice.


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