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10 powerful tips on how to stay slim forever

How to stay slim forever – Losing weight and maintaining your body requires a lifetime commitment. Dieting, on the other hand, requires you to follow a regimented programme until you get to a certain weight.


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When you reach that desired number, it isn’t unusual to go back to your old habits. Here’s a 10-step guide that’ll help you maintain that newly acquired svelte body for a lifetime.

1. Personalise your diet
Do not follow the latest ‘size zero’ diet that your favourite star is following. Nutritionists say a diet works best when they are customised. It must depend on your body constituency, basal metabolic rate and lifestyle.

2. Ditch the scale
Your weight depends on your water intake, bone density and muscle mass. Although you may look slimmer, the weighing scale may show a number higher than what you anticipate. It’s wiser to pay attention to how your clothes are fitting you, or measure the midpoint of your waist, and your bra size and track how the inches have reduced or increased over time.

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