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10 valid reasons why you need to stop watching porn today – You will shocked after seeing #10

4) Porn causes insecurity

Porn sets unrealistic standards for men. To be in porn men must have abnormally large “talent.” Men who watch porn consistently grow to see that as the norm and themselves as inadequate. It’s a slippery slope because this insecurity keeps men from having sex with women, in turn driving them deeper into porn use.

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5) Many men find porn more stimulating then sex

Porn is now so fantastically HD, with every sexual fantasy imaginable at the click of a mouse. The pleasure of watching porn is starting to overtake the pleasure of actual sex, if it hasn’t already done so.

Men searching hundreds of fetishes and videos in the matter of an hour now find sex with a woman of the standard they can get (because of the porn) boring, and unpleasurable. This is a very dangerous line, as seen in the examples below. SEE ALSO: 10 celebs living with chronic diseases – You need to see this!

I could link you 100 + examples easy, of just men who write about it online. If this sounds like you you really need to sort yourself out. Get on the forums, there are many people who have been through the same thing who can help you along the way.



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  1. Naomi says

    This is probably the most foolish write up I’ve ever come across on the internet

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