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10 valid reasons why you need to stop watching porn today – You will shocked after seeing #10

6) Porn causes ED

Because of reason 4 and 5, porn causes erectile function in an enormous amount of men. Porn becomes the only thing that can stimulate them because of the intense visual experience it offers the brain. This experience is unnatural, and real sex become bland and un-stimulating.

The experience of porn is so unnatural, that it actually causes the brain to release unnatural amounts of Dopamine, the reward chemical. The brain becomes so accustom to this unnatural level of Dopamine that without porn you can not achieve an erection and you straight feel like crap.

It is a proven fact that porn affects the brain the exact same way as other addictive drugs. Educate yourself on the matter.


7) You will find women more attractive

I think the greatest gift of living a porn free is how you start to perceive women around you. After months free of porn, your attraction to women will go through the roof. It is truly remarkable.

– Just the sight of a woman’s skin will turn you on

Being free of porn you start to really appreciate the beauty of women. Just the sight of a woman’s skin, or her smell will be enough to throw your attraction into overdrive. Your sexual instincts will be back where they are supposed to be, and you will crave women like never before. SEE ALSO: Top 10 shocking rituals in India – You will be shocked to see #1 (With Pictures)

– You will start to notice women you once found unattractive

Women that once were not up to your porn standards really start to pop out at you. You will start to see the beauty in women that you once overlooked because they did not have the bodies of porn stars. I find myself more and more surprised at some of the women I find attractive and for what reasons. Its is really a beautiful thing.



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  1. Naomi says

    This is probably the most foolish write up I’ve ever come across on the internet

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