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10 unbelievable behind the scene photos from classic horror films

Behind the scene photos from classic horror films – Horror movies have this ability to leave us shaken, disturbed and sometimes petrified of our own shadow. There are some classic horrors that even in adulthood can make shivers run down your spine.


Every scene is timed to perfection so the director can achieve the loudest screams and the biggest jumps from the audience. Our scared reaction is their satisfaction and they will try every cruel trick in the book to get it.

Film shoots can last ten to twelve hours each day. These are often grueling, hot and demanding hours so it’s no surprise that these horror actors need to let their axe down once in a while. There is always someone present on set with a camera and can capture some moments that can really shatter the illusion of terror behind the scenes.

Sneaking a peek at these poignant moments means that we can finally breathe again and be reminded that it’s only a movie. Wait, these guys aren’t so scary at all – we were duped all along! Pulling back the curtain and finding such candid moments of the masters at work in these incredible ten photos from behind-the-scenes will be sure to put a smile (instead of a scream) on your face.

10. Jaws (1975)


Declared as the “greatest horror story” of all time, Jaws celebrated it’s 40th birthday this year and still remains the reason why many people don’t like to dip their toes in the sea. The most memorable line in the movie came from actor Roy Scheider, who ad-libbed the killer line: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

Steven Spielberg can be seen above sitting in the giant mouth of the shark. He named the huge mechanical beast “Bruce” after his own lawyer. When Bruce was first built it had never been tested in water before; the crew took it down to Martha’s Vineyard for it’s first attempt and it sank straight to the ocean floor. It took a whole team of divers to finally retrieve it for the movie.

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