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15 shocking movie mistakes you didn’t notice (+Photos)

Shocking movie mistakes: Anything from several thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars can go into the development and production of big-budget Hollywood movies – and with that kind of money being utilised it’s easy to expect the end result to be flawless. That’s not always the case, however – far from it, in fact.


15 shocking movie mistakes you didn’t notice (+Photos) 700x275

Like any line of work, there is bound to be human error involved – especially when it comes to movies that have been made over the course of a couple of years, with thousands of hours of manpower and hundreds of people involved.

With that in mind, mistakes are often made in Hollywood. Whether it is gaping, unforgivable errors or errors that you have to actively look for in order to spot them, movies are littered with factual errors, historically inaccurate errors, spelling mistakes and many other kinds of boo-boos – and they’re fun to acknowledge, whether it’s simply something you enjoy looking out for, whether it’s so you can vent your frustration at the perpetrator or just because it makes you feel better about your own mistakes.

This article will look at some errors that were made in some of Hollywood’s biggest offerings. Here are fifteen movie mistakes you didn’t notice.

15. “Stegasaurus” (Jurassic Park)

via:Universal Pictures

via:Universal Pictures

Remember that famous scene in the 1993 classic Jurassic Park when Dennis Nedry shut down some of the park’s security and surveillance in order to steal dinosaur embryos from the cold storage and smuggle them off the island? Well, as he was removing said embryos, the names of the dinosaurs in question were all clearly labelled next to their respective embryos.

You’d think Jurassic Park’s scientists would be able to spell the names of dinosaurs correctly, given that they were capable of bringing them back to life after 65 million years, right? Wrong! “Stegosaurus” was incorrectly spelt “Stegasaurus” (an “a” where an “o” should have been). Oh dear.



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