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30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind

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Facts about guys: Want to know what guys think when it comes to girls and relationships? Read these 30 facts about guys that’ll reveal everything you need to know. For girls, understanding a guy may need more than just experience. You can date a few guys, but that still won’t help you understand them better.


To actually get to know a guy, you need to have fun, intellectual conversations with him and try to understand the way he thinks along the way.

But if you’re in a hurry to know everything there is about a guy and the way he thinks about you, love and his life, these facts about guys are all you need.

Understanding a guy’s mind better

When it comes to the opposite sex, guys and girls think along similar lines about many things. But there are several differences too.

For girls, a pleasant looking guy with a lot of charm and a great personality would impress any girl in the very first conversation.

But for a guy, it’s quite different.

At first, it’s the appearance, and then it’s a whole series of stages that makes a guy take his time before falling in love with a girl even if he likes her at first sight.

Read stages of love for guys and how they really fall in love to know more about that.



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