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How to overcome phone shyness..

How to overcome phone shyness: The interesting thing about shyness is that you can have it in uneven forms. That is, you might be completely comfortable talking in front of hundreds of people, but feel anxious talking to someone one-on-one. Or you might be very comfortable having conversations face-to-face, but feel practically panicked about picking up the phone to call someone.


Do you fall into the latter category? Does the very prospect of calling someone, even just to order pizza, get your heart pounding and fill you with dread and stress-inducing cortisol? Do you consequently put off making phone calls as long as you can?

If so, the digital age has been a terrific boon to you. Phone use has greatly gone down and been replaced with emailing and texting. Yet there remain occasions where we have to get on the horn with people, and being phone phobic can still be a handicap that keeps you from taking care of necessary life tasks (calling to make a doctor’s appointment) and deprives you of opportunities (calling to follow-up on a job application).

If calling people makes you nervous, today we’ll talk about what causes this type of shyness, and how to overcome it.



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