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10 interesting facts about snakes that you never knew (+Pics)

Interesting facts about snakes: There’s no end to how Mother Nature and her children surprises us, time over time. Apparently simple looking creatures often are mysterious and fascinating. And just when you thought you know all there is to know about your favourite creature, you come across some more dumbfounding facts. Without further ado, let us delve into 10 interesting facts related to snakes.


10. The Snake House

Ever thought, what it’s like to live in a house full of snakes. Ben and Amber Sessions of Idaho, USA could tell you. Few years ago the Session family got a cheap house deal and bought it without giving a second thought. Evidently they didn’t pay attention to the reasons the previous family had moved out. The house agent tricked them into believing that the previous family were reluctant to pay their mortgage and so made up some stupid snake story. Few days after moving in, Ben and Amber started hearing crawling sounds from inside their walls. Soon they were horrified to find eight garter snakes in their home and discovered that their house was built on a hibernaculum, where the snakes had been sleeping during the winter. The couple went bankrupt and fled from the infested house.

9. The Snake That Can Feel Your Heartbeat

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5.5 meters (18 ft) long Boa constrictors are equipped with the unique ability of sensing heartbeats. So if a Boa is wrapping itself about you bit by bit don’t think you can play dead and the snake will let you go. Researchers from Dickinson College experimented with a dead rat fixed with instrument that stimulated fake heart beats into the rat. The Boa was observed letting its victim go sooner, once the heart beat completely stopped and if the heart beat continued for more than 20 minutes, the snake gave up knowing that it can’t suffocate the prey. This observation evidently hinted that the snake could feel heart beats.



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