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The 10 coolest travel destinations for Sci-Fi fans (With Pictures)

Travel destinations for Sci-Fi fans: Cinematic fantasies are built on expansive landscapes, created worlds and imagined technology. Movie classics were not all made in studios, however, and some very real places on earth have doubled for alien planets. Sci-fi fans who want an experiential vacation can create a checklist of their beloved movies or televisions series and go to the place where their favorite stories came to life.


The 10 Coolest Travel Destinations For Sci-Fi Fans

Science fiction and fantasy fans are diverse. Some are fanatical about cinematic detail while others have only a passing interest in where their favorite actors may once have stood and said those famous lines. For the casual fan, there’s the tourist spot with the potential side visit to an old movie set. For the true geek, there are guided tours in celebration of beloved characters and franchises.

So whether you want to stick close to home or visit a far away location, consider this a mere starting list of some places to go. The sci-fi connection is usually only one factor that makes these places attractive travel destinations. So if you’re paired up with a travel companion who doesn’t go to Comic Con or who prefers a romantic comedy to a space action flick, there are plenty of activities to go around.

Remember some locations are remote and may not be worth the trip unless you’re a seasoned and cautious traveler. Take the plunge at your own risk. Pay attention to your government’s travel advisories and if you must wear a Planet of the Apes mask en route, be sure to remove it before going through airport security.

10. Cardiff, Wales



Cardiff is the capital of Wales, with a distinct culture. If you take ground transport in from England, you’ll have no doubt when you have crossed the border. Road signs are suddenly bilingual, in English and Welsh. Once you arrive in town, you can immerse yourself in Celtic culture. There’s even an ancient castle you can peruse.

Cardiff is also the home of Doctor Who, the classic sci-fi series in both its original and rebooted forms. Fans of the Doctor can take a walking tour of filming locations or see props and artifacts from the show in the Doctor Who Experience. “Whovians” will be in good company with other fans, who won’t mind the occasional TARDIS reference.



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