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12 ugliest sports cars of all time (+Photos)

Ugliest sports cars of all time: Sports cars should be sexy and make people go “oooh”, that’s the point. Sure they are also incredible machines, but the “oooh” factor is why we covet sports cars. This is not a list about those cars, this is a list of sports cars that make people go “ugh” and shake their head.


These cars not only fall short of that goal, some of them are an absolute mess, pieces and parts mashed together with the label of a sports car. The reality is that each of these cars was a big miss and due to the output engineers were probably relieved of their jobs.

Not all of these vehicles are awful from top to bottom; some actually perform very well and live up to the high-performance hype expected from sports cars. Maybe focusing on performance was the problem because the style, feel and practicality of these cars are downright head-scratching.

Just missing the list are a number of Dodge Charger models, a car that has tried to regain it’s seventies muscle car charm for years, but for the most part has come up short. Same goes for the Ford Mustang series, another “brand” that has no success replacing their classic look.

Do you like to cars that look like space ships or have no business being on the road? How about vehicles that just look uncomfortable or just plain ugly? If yes, then sit back and enjoy. Here are the 15 ugliest sports cars of all-time.

12. Jetstream SC250



So apparently the performance of the Jetstream SC250 is off the charts. It must be good at something. Quite honestly, I’m surprised they are even allowed to categorize this engine with wheels as a sports car. How many executives were sitting in a room when someone presented this body? At least twelve, right? Didn’t one of them say, “Hey, this looks like a go-kart!” I just can’t believe not one person in the room didn’t stand up and say: “Hey, this is just a damn go-kart, come back with a car design.” Apparently this meeting didn’t happen; remember this next time someone says executives aren’t needed. Someone would have stepped in here, I’m pretty sure.



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