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Top 25 wealthiest wrestlers of all time (With Pictures)

T 14. Bill Goldberg: $14 million net worth



Those running WCW got the majority of big-time decisions wrong following the initial days of the New World Order angle. Bill Goldberg was, for a time, not one of those miscues. The company did well to push Goldberg as the hottest babyface in all of WCW, and his victory over Hulk Hogan during an edition of Monday Nitro remains one of the most-memorable moments to ever occur during the “Monday Night Wars.” Goldberg made what was a brief return to the ring in June of 2015, taking it to “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner at an independent show. And some say you cannot go back in time.

T 14. Bret Hart: $14 million net worth



Some, depending on how old you are and also on how much you were paying attention at the time, may have not known or forgotten that Bret “Hitman” Hart worked as an actor for multiple television shows and also movies when he was able to take those gigs in the 1990s. Hart is, of course, more known for what he achieved during his active in-ring career. “The Excellence of Execution” earned millions of dollars working for both the WWE and WCW, and he will make occasional appearances on WWE television. Hart is no longer able to work matches due to an actual stroke that he suffered back in 2002.

T 14. Edge: $14 million net worth



Adam Copeland working as “Edge” inside of wrestling rings is now a thing of the past. One of the best workers of his time was forced to legitimately retire in 2011 due to an injury that could have been life-threatening had he continued to have matches. Edge has since made sporadic appearances on WWE shows, and he unquestionably has the verbal skills to be a commentator or a manager were he to ever want to pursue those careers. Copeland has instead ventured into acting, and he has earned several gigs that should help him only earn greatest wealth in the future.



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