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10 Celebrities you didn’t know are heirs to a fortune – You will be shocked to see this! (+Photos)


Celebrities you didn’t know are heirs to a fortune – Most people don’t know these celebs are sitting on huge inheritances. These super-rich stars have all been pretty low-key about the branches on their solid-gold family trees.


You already know them for being on TV, in movies or singing songs on the radio, but all of these famous people were heirs and heiresses to big-time family money before they ever stepped into the spotlight. The fame and fortune they’ve earned on their own is nothing compared to the massive amount of cash they’re all going to have in the future.

These stars all made names for themselves in the entertainment industry and managed to earn plenty of pretty pennies doing it, but none of them ever needed to work. All of these celebrities were born into famous families, family businesses or amazing family legacies that made it a lot easier for them to pursue their dreams of stardom.

Should the unthinkable happen and any of these celebs lose their major star power, they’ve got nothing to worry about. Thanks to their amazing family legacies, they’re going to have huge bank accounts no matter what they do. All of these stars stand to inherit some pretty big loot one of these days, even the ones who have already earned millions on their own.

10. Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling is famous as a reality TV queen, a former Beverly Hills, 90210 star and a total fashion diva. But let’s not forget that Tori is the daughter of Hollywood mogul Aaron Spelling. If you watched TV in the 1970s and ’80s, you watched something that this man produced.

He was the most prolific producer in all of TV and still is, even though he died in 2006. Aaron Spelling was responsible for Charlie’s Angels, Melrose Place, Dynasty and too many other shows to list. Tori stands to inherit a ton as his only daughter, but her inheritance could be compromised by a long-standing, on-again, off-again feud with her mother, Aaron’s widow Candy Spelling.



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