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10 most evil mothers in the world – you will be shocked to see how they killed their kids brutally! (With Pictures)

8. Nicole Kelly of Elmhurst, Queens

Mothers Who Killed Their Kids
This woman is socially known as Nikki and had allegedly killed her 11 month old son in July 2014. The 22 year old mother took the dying son to ER with the father earlier this year but he was pronounced dead. The mother was a maid who had wrapped up her son in a sheet so tightly that he could neither breathe nor move. While she appeared to be upset and expressed that on social media as well, the police took her in where she admitted to have reached the “breaking point”. SEE ALSO: These 14 photos reveals how women really look like when they orgasm. “I didn’t want him anymore.” Kelly lived in a rented room and her roommate expressed no prior concerns regarding the baby. In fact, she described Kiam as a happy baby, just as he appeared in the photos on Kelly’s social media account. What then made Kelly do this and tarnish her motherhood? A psychiatric exam was also a part of the judicial process.



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