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10 most evil mothers in the world – you will be shocked to see how they killed their kids brutally! (With Pictures)

6. Hu Chen in China

Mothers Who Killed Their Kids
Arguments with husbands are common but it’s hard to believe that the wife would avenge the argument by hurting the children. 33 year old Hu Chen threw her 1 year old baby girl in front of a 40 ton moving truck that crushed her to death. The truck driver couldn’t stop despite trying hard as the deranged mother acted without forewarning. Next second, the mother picked up her son, who was six, and threw him onto the traffic. He was rescued by a heroic passerby who had happened to witness the previous throwing of the baby girl. Psychological problems seem to be the only rational answer to such irrational acts since a mother killing her own flesh and blood is unbelievable. SEE ALSO: The 10 most evil and terrifyingly killer secret cults in history – Their evil deeds will leave you speechless! (+Photos)



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