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10 most shocking rituals in India (+Photos)

1. Cannibalism, Necromancy and other practices of Aghori

The formidable Aghori saints of Varanasi are members of a Hindu sect who worship Lord Shiva as the supreme god. They are known for their post-mortem rituals. They consider nothing to be taboo: drugs, alcohol, extremely unconventional sexual practices, etc. They dwell in cremation grounds, smear their bodies with cremation ashes, and use bones of human corpses to make bowls or jewellery. Unlike most Hindu saints and monks, they consume meat, and are openly cannibalistic, as they consume the meat of the corpses. They even practice intercourse with the bodies. They are believed to be capable of dark magic, and some of the most shocking rituals in India.

There are several other shocking rituals in India. For instance, polygamy is an illegal practice that is exercised among Muslim Indians under Personal Law, while polyandry is practised by a small sect called the Kinnauris in Himalchal Pradesh. In Tamil Nadu, Timiti is practised as a sign of respect for Draupadi by walking on fire. In Kerala’s Kali Temples, a terrifying ritual of hanging the participants from a shaft, hooked by the skin on their backs. Piercing, bull-fighting, cracking coconut on the head: there are many. Once upon a time, young widows were burnt alive in her dead husband’s funeral fire. This practice has long been stopped. Hopefully, as the majority of the Indians are already turning against these shocking rituals and practices in India, these will not only be legally banned, but socially boycotted too, to be replaced with reason, and more equality in rights and ideas.


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