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10 problems only Catholic school girls understand & you should know..

Problems only Catholic school girls understand: Ah, high school. Such an idyllic and carefree time in our lives – or was it? If you went to a Catholic all-girls school, chances are it was probably the exact opposite. While our loving parents squirrelled money away for our educations with high hopes of what the status of such an institution could bring, we often feel like we were dealt the shorter end of the stick than kids who went to public school and didn’t have to deal with half of the problems we did.


They were allowed to live out their youth, roam free and do pretty much as they pleased while we were ruled by an iron fist.

Even to this day, seeing a kilt can ignite the rawest of memories and make us feel things we thought we had long suppressed. While we might complain about how strict our schooling was, we’ve got to give it credit for turning us into the resilient, tough as nails young women we are now. If it weren’t for breaking all of the rules growing up, we wouldn’t have become as savvy and quick-witted as our current partners, friends and bosses love us for being today. But becoming this awesome did come at a price. From catfights to boxer shorts and grinding at school dances, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 problems only Catholic schoolgirls can understand.

10. Feeling Exposed

If you wore a kilt, you definitely also rocked a pair of shorts or boxers underneath it at some point or another to protect your dignity. Let’s face it, when you were walking down the street on a windy day, you didn’t want to give anybody a show. It was just more comfortable, you could cross your legs as you pleased and not have to worry who’s looking up at your butt if you were walking up the stairs. Plus, the shorts/boxers had a nice dual purpose: they kept you warm on those frigid winter days. Whether you preferred a baggier cut or spandex/lycra, there was a pair suited to everybody.



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