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10 WWE Superstars involved in shocking car crash (With Pictures)

WWE Superstars involved in shocking car crash – Car crashes literally happen day in and day out, yet sometimes there are crashes that make headlines. We’ve all been involved in a fender bender or two, but when we’re watching the news and a celebrity’s name catches our eyes on the scrolling ticker, we all take notice.


Celebrities, it turns out, are people too, and even they aren’t immune to accidents of various sorts.

Perhaps it’s simply the added exposure, as any accident instantly attracts news crews, but celebrities and athletes seems to be involved in car wrecks more than the average person. WWE superstars fall into this category as well. Over the years there have been several car wrecks that have made the stars of the wrestling world blush with embarrassment. Unfortunately, there have also been some tragic cases of superstars losing their very lives.

It happens on a frequent basis; whether a small fender bender or a full-blown wreck, plenty of WWE superstars and their driving skills have been the focus of many a news story. Curious as to just who these individuals are? Well, that’s where we’ve come in to help you out! Whether it’s the face of the very WWE, or lesser known WWE superstars, we’ve compiled a list for your reading pleasure. No longer will you have to wait for the latest breaking celebrity news story to watch superstars get knocked down a peg or two. Here are ten WWE superstar car crashes.

10. Lilian Garcia


Lilian Garcia is not one of the more well-known names on this list, yet the announcer has been involved with the business for two decades. Unfortunately for her, she was also involved in an embarrassing car accident back in October 2012.

Garcia was seriously injured while driving through Los Angeles. Luckily, she survived but had to recover from multiple contusions and lacerations on her left side. The wreck took a solid two months of recovery time, but Garcia returned to her announcing gig and has even fostered quite the successful singing career on the side. At nearly 50 years old, she’s amassed an impressive resume’ to date.

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