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12 movies that men secretly love – You’ll be shocked seeing this! (+Photos)

Movies that men secretly love: When guys meet up, they fill their conversations with testosterone-induced topics like poker, sports, cars, and hot women, all ribbing each other and comparing notes on said topics. What many of them are loathe to admit to one another is that they are actually secret softies and enjoy less manly things too, one of which is watching chic flicks.


Yes, chic flicks. Many men are allergic to the term because it alludes to something girly. For those not in the know, chic flicks are basically romantic movies that are targeted more to the female market than the males. But believe it or not, there are full-on chic flicks out there that real men can attest to not just watching, but enjoying thoroughly. Maybe it’s because there are hot actresses in the movie that they can drool over. Or maybe the men try to live vicariously through the male character who gets the girl in the end. Whatever the reason, it certainly doesn’t make these kinds of men weak. In fact, a man’s ability to get in touch with his romantic and mushy side is one of the things that makes him a real man!

12. The Notebook

Who didn’t fall head over heels for the beautiful love story of Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) and Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) in The Notebook? Their love story spanned decades, from a summer fling to a separation to strained family relationships to a broken engagement to an emotional reconciliation and literally, til death do them part. Men had a huge crush on girl-next-door Rachel McAdams and perhaps many could relate to the rugged, down-on-his-luck character of Ryan Gosling, who still got the girl in the end.



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