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12 things women don’t tell you they do right before sex

Things women don’t tell you they do right before sex – Sex is such a touchy topic (no pun intended) it makes people re-evaluate their intentions, their actions and most importantly who they are sleeping with.


This does not mean that they do not have rituals and routines that have become obsessive and crucial to their sexual satisfaction. This obsession normally affects women; we have a need to make things perfect and precise. Believe it or not guys, your impending visit has us acting crazy and preparing for something that is routine to most people. Unfortunately, with this generation spontaneous sex is a thing of the past and as impulsive as it comes off as guys, hate to break it you but we had it planned in our heads weeks ago. Along with those pesky physical pre-sex rituals, there are home rituals that take place that are equally impulsive. So at the risk of sounding like an evil witch who insists on performing ritual after ritual, gentlemen read on and get just a small whiff of what your significant other goes through to make the sexual experience perfect for you, not her.

12. Buy New Lingerie


Any excuse to buy something is always a good excuse. However, buying something sexy for your sexy time can be a bit nerve racking. Even though we tell our guys a little white lie about having this “old thing” for a while, please know that we have freshly ripped the tags off as we run to the door to greet you. It will never matter how much lingerie we have in our drawers and closets, we always want to buy something particular for you. So next time we wear something sexy for you, say something about it so we know that you know that we have gone through a lot to impress you.



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