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12 things women don’t tell you they do right before sex

2. Put On A Fresh Face Of Make-Up


Yes guys, we do wear make-up and natural is not always a good look on every girl, so be thankful that we constantly re-apply and touch up throughout the day. However, you might not have known that a lot of girls wipe all of their face of make-up, only to re-do it in preparation for your arrival; it is generally more subtle so we don’t look like we have gone all out just for you when we actually have. A pouty lip here, a touch of mascara there and we are good to go (oh, and of course some foundation to hide whatever imperfections we may think we have). Next challenge; trying to not get make-up on the sheets and blow our cover. SEE ALSO: 11 Places to touch a woman and drive her wild – See this to become a pro!



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