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15 Hot celebrities with very ugly kids (+Photos)

Hot celebrities with very ugly kids – I have always been one to say that two uglies make a pretty when it comes to babies. Yes, if you put two not-so-attractive people together and they make a baby together, that baby tends to be one good-looking child.


It is weird, but I can’t control was science and nature do in there. With that being said, it might work the opposite for hot people, especially some of the celebrities out there in Hollywood. You have two good-looking celebrities and they procreate and, somehow, their kid comes out to be one ugly baby! It does happen and we have proof below!

15. Adam Sandler’s Daughter


This has to be one of the most talked about celebrity babies out there. Sandler’s oldest daughter Sadie definitely was not hit with the pretty stick as a baby. You can say it was a bad picture, but there are no other photos out there where she looks good as a baby. I will say, she has gotten better with age, so maybe she will be a supermodel by the time she is 18!

14. Nicolas Cage’s Son


Maybe it is the goth look with the black eye liner, but Cage’s son Weston is not looking good in this photo. I will say, he has some nice eyes, even though they are probably contacts. The all-black look is too much for me to handle and he needs to wrap that up. I think he could look decent without the desire to be evil and dark and want to kill someone look.

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  1. jules says

    Her face is ok.. cmon she's still a child and there's nothing ugly about her !!!

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