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15 Hot celebrities with very ugly kids (+Photos)

4. Clay Aiken’s Son


I am a stickler with the concept that some parents should wait a certain amount of time before sharing a photo of their baby. Clay Aiken would be one of those parents, but he knew he was going to get some money for the photos and he needed it, so he went on the cover of People with Parker Foster and the kid looks like an alien almost! Let that head take some shape before you put him on another magazine cover! SEE ALSO: 10 Famous athletes nudes that got leaked (With Pictures)

3. George Lucas’ Daughter



I just had to share this one. George Lucas may have created Star Wars, but he also created an MMA fighter in his daughter Amanda. She is looking beautiful in this photo (you never know, she could be reading this article and could definitely kick my butt, so I will say nothing but nice things about her)! I mean, look at how nice those gloves fit her hands!



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  1. jules says

    Her face is ok.. cmon she's still a child and there's nothing ugly about her !!!

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