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20 Celebrities who had real sex on camera (With Pictures)

14. Robert Pattinson – Little Ashes


Most of us know Robert Pattinson from his hunky role as Edward the vampire in the hit movie seriesTwilight. Yet before he started on-screen and off-screen dating Kristen Stewart, Pattinson was getting down and dirty with…himself. Yep, Pattinson appeared in the film Little Ashes, encompassing the best of Spanish and British cinema. In one of the scenes, a younger Pattinson looks as though he is thoroughly enjoying some foreplay or something. Well, it turns out he was pleasuring himself. Yes, the orgasm face is the real deal, ladies and gents! The actor later joked about it saying his “O” face is captured forever. SEE ALSO: 11 Sexiest characters in Game Of Thrones (With Pictures)

13. Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood – Heart-Shaped Glasses


Marilyn Manson. He is not exactly a person we would think a lot of celebrities would be willing to bang, but apparently Evan Rachel Wood was cool with it! It is rumored that she and Marilyn Manson had some hot and steamy sexual activity going on during the filming of Heart-Shaped Glasses. While the title does evoke some sensual romance, the celebs have neither denied nor confirmed the rumor. Hmm, so what does that lead us to believe? Why don’t you watch the video for yourself and you can be the judge! Is their acting purely acting or something more?



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