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5 Dirty tricks Nigerian women use to trap men into marriage

Dirty tricks Nigerian women use to trap men into marriage – Society says you are incomplete until you’re married. Once you get to certain age, everyone expects you to get married.

Your parents are expecting you to get married so you can give them grandchildren. Your friends are all getting married too, and you are feeling left out.


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In a desperate bid to get married and fit into society, some ladies will go to whatever extent to trap a man into marriage. The truth is, there are people in this world who want what they want, when they want it and how they want it and who will never accept NO for an answer.

Below are some things ladies do to trap men into marriage.

1. Pregnancy:

Most of women who think their men are not willing to make a serious commitment often use this common trick. This however doesn’t work for everyone but it does for some. Some even fake the pregnancy and at the end of the day, they claim having a miscarriage.

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